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Readmo.re’s easy-to-use Editor allows you to quickly and easily
create any type of publication–no design background required!

A Cloud Editor For Your Publications

Use Readmo.re’s drag-and-drop editor to design stunning publications.
Not in days, but hours.

Professional Material | No Time

Customized Templates

We can provide you with customized, professional templates that are formatted to meet your business needs.  So you can spend less time on design tasks and more time on populating your templates with accurate, up-to-date information.


Within a few hours you can have your first publication ready.  Easily add interactivity, new pages and other content.  It will look like a design agency made it for you.

Vast Content Library

Link to your own text and image database so you never have to repeat yourself again.  In addition Readmo.re provides you with an exhaustive and searchable library of over 1 million images.

Boilerplate Enabled

Auto-populate your templates with boilerplate copy so you don’t have to spend time writing the same copy over and over again!

Publication Cloud Editor

Consistent Branding | Every Time

Locked Elements

You can lock certain elements of your templates in place so that no matter who is creating and delivering content, the final material will be consistent with your company and brand guidelines.

For example: lock your logo size and position or your color palette.

Mandatory Review

You can set mandatory review steps within the publication creation process.  More junior members of the team will have to send drafts for approval before they can publish material.


Accurate Information | Always

Connect Your Databases

Readmo.re can be connected to all major infrastructures. Easily connect your spreadsheets, CRM, ERP or database to your publications.

Automate Your Updates

Readmo.re lets you create rich, multi-touch publications that plug in with your existing ERP, CRM and other systems.  This allows updates to replicate automatically across all platforms.


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