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Analyze reader numbers, time read, downloads per day, purchases, ad engagement and more..

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One-click Publishing To All Platforms

With Readmo.re you can publish once and read everywhere!
Publish to your own microsite, app, website or intranet with just one click.
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Publish To Your Own App

Reach a much broader audience by publishing your content to your own app.

Easy Access

With your app on your readers’ homescreen, they can easily access and engage with your content.

One-click publishing

Content can be published across all platforms—company website, intranet and app—with just one click.

Push notifications

Increase the readership of your content by sending push notifications to all your readers, or just to a certain group you want to target.

Available on-the-go

A significant percentage of people now access material via their phones while on the go.   Our apps allow your readers to download content so they can access it anytime, anywhere.

Digital Marketing Cloud

All tools to Measure, Engage, Optimize and Grow
Real-Time Dashboard

See everything that is happening with your content in real-time.

Know your audience

Understand what users do individually, by examining profiles, purchase history and sessions.

Track your growth sources

See your most profitable user acquisition campaigns and ad partners.

Optimize your growth

Easily answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data.

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