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Powerful Analytics

Extensive Insights. Powerful Actions.

With Analytics you have access to a number of useful, real-time metrics that can help you understand your users and their behavior. Ultimately you can use this information to improve your product and your readers’ experience.

Powerful Analytics and Marketing Tools


Get to know your audience, not only by numbers, but by actions.

With’s powerful analytics tools you can see what your readers are doing with your content.

Based on these insights you can start marketing your content, all in the same platform.

Questions you can answer with

Who read our magazine last night on an iPad Mini?  Where are they located – show them on a map.
How many readers last logged in yesterday and located in Boston?  Send them a push notification at 10AM tomorrow alerting them to a new edition.
Which days did Sarah James log in last week and what did she purchase from within the app last Sunday?

Funnels show how efficiently you are pushing your readers along a preferred path within your application. You can track goal completion rates, and see where along the funnel you are losing customers and try to optimize as needed.

Actionable Insights


Perform advanced segmentations on your audience to get even deeper insights.

Send targeted messages to specific groups.

Track Engagement

Understand what your readers are doing once they get to your content.

Track retention rate, user loyalty, session frequency, session duration and view frequency.


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