Readmore for Retail

Automate your catalogs.

Readmore’s Catalog Cloud lets you easily create rich, multi-touch catalogs that plug in with your existing ERP, CRM and other systems.

Create a Catalog

Simply pick a design, and you can start.

Readmore uses a number of pre-defined templates especially made for your company. You’ll never have to design anything yourself.

Now everyone in your team can design like a pro.

Easy Magazine Publishing
Connect Your Database

Connect Your Databases

Readmore can be connected to all major infrastructures. Easily connect your spreadsheets, CRM, ERP or database to your publications.

Always Up-to-Date

Changing prices of a product? Updated product description? No problem! Readmore automatically updates all information across all your publications.

Omnichannel Catalog Publishing

Using Readmore’s platform your catalogs can be published and shared, digitally and in print.

Share your catalogs in your iOS, Android and Windows app—plus print-on-demand for printed distribution.


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