Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Readmore B.V.

Version: 3.0

Date: 7 August 2015

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Services offered by Readmore. Using the Service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Deviations from these Terms and Conditions is possible only by means of confirmation in Writing by Readmore.


The capitalized terms in these Terms and Conditions are understood to have the following meanings.

    1.  Account: the User’s personal area of the Service. The Account (a) can be used by the User to manage and configure (i) its settings for use of the Service, (ii) its personal data, and (b) is necessary to have access to and make use of the Service.
    2.  Agreement: all agreements contracted between Readmore and a User of which these Terms and Conditions form an integral part.
    3.  App: the application that the User develops with the Service, as further described on the Website and/or in the Service;
    4.  End User: an individual person authorized to use the Service on behalf of the User.
    5.  Content: any content provided by the User by means of the Service.
    6.  Free Trial: the free part of the Service, available for the indicated period.
    7.  Intellectual Property Rights: all intellectual property rights and related rights, including but not limited to copyrights, look-and-feel, interfaces, layout, databank rights, domain names, trade name rights, brand rights, model rights, neighboring rights, patent rights and rights to know-how.
    8.  In Writing: in these Terms and Conditions, in Writing means, in addition to text on paper given or delivered by or on behalf of User to Readmore, also e-mail and fax communications, provided the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message are sufficiently certain.
    9.  Month(s): calendar month(s).
    10.  Party: all parties to the Agreement.
    11.  Provider Platform: the mobile platforms of mobile platform providers Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and/or any other mobile platform provider with which the App may be compatible;
    12.  Publication: any printed or electronic matter based on the Content, including but not limited to magazines.
    13.  Readmore: the private company with limited liability in accordance with Dutch laws Readmore B.V. having its registered office in Amsterdam, registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with no. 17177875.
    14.  Service: the Readmore platform, an application offered through the Internet as a Software as a Service.
    15.  SLA: Service Level Agreement.
    16.  Terms and Conditions: the provisions of the present document.
    17.  User: every user of the Service, either a consumer or a professional party being a natural person or a legal entity that concluded the Agreement with Readmore.
    18.  Website: www.readmo.re and any subdomains.
    19.  Work(s): all works created, developed and distributed by Readmore as requested by User, such as websites and (web) Applications, software, concepts, documentation, recommendations, reports and other products of the mind, as well as preparatory materials and (possibly encrypted) files or media on which the Works are located.


    1.  An Agreement can be entered into with Readmore or a third party through an online channel, including the Website, by or on behalf of the User using a method authorized by Readmore.
    2.  User may also submit a request to conclude an Agreement, by completing and sending or handing over an (electronic) order form designed for that purpose. This may be the case in the event User requests custom-built Works.
    3.  If Readmore considers that it is able to provide the requested Services and if the request, in the opinion of Readmore, meets the requirements that are made of it, Readmore shall accept the request and send User a confirmation of the Agreement. In that case the Agreement is deemed to have come into effect on the date when the confirmation was sent, unless agreed otherwise in Writing.
    4.  To Agreements concluded or to be concluded between User and Readmore the articles 6:227b paragraph 1 and article 6:227c of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply. This article 2.2 shall not apply in the event the User is a consumer.
    5.  User represents that the e-mail address provided to Readmore (for example on the moment of concluding the Agreement) is correct and is authorized and supervised by User. Furthermore, User agrees to receive all relevant information relating to the Agreement on the provided e-mail address. The e-mail sent by Readmore shall be deemed to have been received at the time it reaches the server of User. User is solely responsible for the configuration of his (mail)server, including but not limited to spam or authorizations of the e-mail accounts.
    6.  Readmore is at all times entitled to refuse User.

Article 3. ACCOUNT

    1.  In order to be able to make use of and to have access to the Service, the User has to create an Account in the way as described on the Website. Upon creating the Account, the User will be obliged to provide its own credentials in the way described on the Website. The User is responsible for keeping its credentials confidential. The User is responsible and liable for all use made of and access to the Service by means of its Account. As soon as the User knows or has reason to assume that its Account and/or credentials has/have come into the hands of unauthorized third party/parties, the User must inform Readmore of this immediately, notwithstanding its own obligations to take immediate effective measures himself, such as changing the login details to its Account.
    2.  In the event that the User qualifies as a natural person, the User must be at least sixteen

(16) years old in order to make use of and to access the Service. If the User is not sixteen

(16) years old yet, the User requires its parent’s or guardian’s permission to create an

Account and to make use of and get access to the Service. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User warrants that it is at least sixteen (16) years old or has the permission from its parent or guardian to create an Account and to make use of and get access to the Service.

    1.  In the event the User qualifies as a legal entity, the User warrants that it is legally authorized to represent that legal entity.
    2.  Readmore accepts no liability for any damages resulting from unauthorized access to or use of the Service by the User or third parties, notwithstanding article 10.

Article 4. SERVICE

    1.  By making use of the Service, User is, amongst others, able to create, publish and print his own Publications. From time to time Readmore may extend its existing Services or launch new products. Therefore, it is recommended that User regularly consults the Website to remain informed of such new developments.
    2.  Readmore hereby grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the Service, under the conditions of these Terms and Conditions and for the duration of the Agreement.
    3.  The use of the Service is at the User’s own expense and risk. The User is responsible for meeting the technical and functional requirements and using the electronic communication facilities that are necessary to be able to access and use the Service. The risk of loss, theft

or damage to any of its data will at all times be borne by the User.

    1.  Any use of the Service, including the transmission, distribution and making available thereof, and any other (legal) act relating to the Service, by or on behalf of the User and/or end-users is for the User’s own risk and responsibility. Readmore is not liable and/or responsible for the Content, the App and/or any use made of the Service by Users, notwithstanding article 13.
    2.  Notwithstanding any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, and any of the User’s legal obligations, the use of the Service, the App, the Publication and the Content may not, at Readmore’s sole discretion:
    3.  include software such as viruses or Trojans that can damage or erase, make unavailable or make inaccessible any computers or data of Readmore, (other) Users or third parties;
    4.  bypass technical security measures of the computer systems of Readmore, (other) Users or third parties;
    5.  involve unreasonable or disproportionate use of the infrastructure of Readmore’s or third parties’ computer systems, including but not limited to any use in violation of Readmore’s fair use policy as described on the Website and/or in the Service;
    6.  impede the functionality or functionalities of the Service;
    7.  involve manual or automated software, devices, or other processes to “crawl”, “spider” or scrape any content of the Service;
    8.  constitute unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk, spam, bulk e-mail, scam and/or phishing;
    9.  infringe any of Readmore’s or third party’s Intellectual Property Rights, privacy rights or any other rights;
    10.  involve (virtual) child pornography, bestiality or other unlawful erotic content or acts relating thereto;
    11.  promote or provide instructions or information about how to engage in illegal conduct, commit illegal activities or promote physical harm or injury;
    12.  involve any illegal activities or activities that are contrary to morality or public order;
    13.  involve false or misleading information;
    14.  involve otherwise inappropriate use;
    15.  breach these Terms and Conditions or the Agreement; and/or
    16.  be unlawful in any way whatsoever.
    17.  The User warrants to refrain from such acts.
    18.  The Service may contain information that is derived from and/or may refer to third parties’ websites, products or services (for instance through hyperlinks, banners or buttons). Readmore is not responsible, nor liable for the content of such information.
    19.  Readmore is not responsible or liable with regard to any third party services used by User or provided through the Service. Use of these third party services shall be at User’s own responsibility and liability.
    20.  The User acknowledges and agrees that Readmore does not pre-screen the Content, the App, the Publication or use of the Service and that Readmore has no influence over the Content, the (content of the) App, the (content of the) Publication or use made of the Service by User.
    21.  Readmore will have the right (but not the obligation), at its sole discretion, to review, edit, limit, refuse or remove Content, the App, the Publication or to limit and/or refuse a User access to and/or use of the Service, more specifically in the event the Content, the (content of the) App, the (content of the) Publication and/or use of and/or relating to the Service, according to Readmore, violates these Terms and Conditions, and/or that it deems to be otherwise objectionable.
    22.  Readmore may disclose the User’s Personal Data and/or Content, or other data relating to the use of the Service, to third parties where it believes, in good faith, that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, criminal or civil subpoena, or other legal process or request by law enforcement authorities in the Netherlands, or to exercise its legal rights of defense against legal claims.


    1.  The Service allows Users to create and publish their own Apps. Readmore will not be regarded as the publisher of the App with any Provider Platform.
    2.  User shall be solely responsible for the acceptance of the App by the Provider Platforms. The acceptance is subject to the relevant rules, regulations and guidelines of Provider Platforms.
    3.  The User shall be solely responsible for securing and paying for all digital music licenses, any public performance licenses, synchronization licenses and any other licenses from musical composition copyright owners (or their agents) required in connection all content selected by the User for use in connection with the App.
    4.  Readmore is not able to determine the actual owner of the content created and/or uploaded to the App. For any and all Content created and/or uploaded to the App, User shall be deemed to be the owner of such Content and/or have in its possession a license and/or permission to use the Content. The User is explicitly not allowed to create and/or upload Content to the App of which User is not the owner, and/or has no license and/or permission to use the Content.


    1.  If User makes use of the printing Services the following provisions shall apply.
    2.  User grants to Readmore and/or any third parties on Readmore’s behalf a non-exclusive, worldwide, fully-paid and royalty-free license to reproduce and distribute the Publication for the purpose of printing the Publication that User orders or that User authorizes for purchase by others, and for any other related purpose that User authorizes. User agrees that Readmore reserves the right to maintain the electronic files to fulfill any further orders which may be placed and to maintain an archival copy of the printed Publication.
    3.  Publications that have been ordered can no longer be cancelled. In the event User is a consumer, User acknowledges that the ordered Publications are goods that are made to the User’s specifications or are clearly personalized, and that, therefore, no right to cancel applies.
    4.  User acknowledges that printed versions of Publications may vary from versions displayed on any hardware of User. Printed versions may, amongst others, deviate in color. Such deviations do not constitute a material breach of the Agreement.    


    1.  This article applies to customized Works delivered by Readmore to User.
    2.  Prior to the development of the Works the Parties shall consult with each other about the specifications and technical requirements of the Works that will be developed.
    3.  If a Service has the purpose of developing, configuring and/or amending Works, Readmore shall be entitled to make use of images, software and other components of third parties in relation to the development, configuration and/or amendments of the Works.
    4.  Readmore is entitled to use open source software whose rights are owned by third parties. This means, amongst others, that Readmore is entitled to deliver open source software to User and that open source software may be incorporated in the Works made and/or amended in relation to the Project. If a license of open source software has the effect that (certain) parts of the Works may only be distributed as open source, Readmore shall inform User of all terms and conditions of such license(s).
    5.  After delivery of the Works by Readmore User bears the responsibility of complying with all applicable licenses.


    1.  Readmore will deliver the Works developed in accordance with the previous article when, in Readmore’s professional opinion, they meet the requirements as agreed between the Parties.
    2.  User must, within fourteen (14) days after delivery, evaluate the completed Work and either approve or reject it. The completed Work will deemed to have been accepted if:
  1.  User approves the completed Work;
  2.  User uses the completed Works for production purposes; or
  3.  User does not reject the completed Work within the said period, has not requested a revision round, or has not objected to delivery;
    1.  If User wholly or partly rejects the completed Work, Readmore will endeavor to remove the reasons for rejection in a timely manner. Readmore can achieve this by either revising the delivered Work or by refuting the reason(s) in substantiated manner.
    2.  Delivery times stated by Readmore are always indicative, unless expressly stated in Writing that they are deadlines. Readmore is only in default, even where a deadline has been agreed, after User has served notice upon it in writing.


    1.  During the Free Trial the User may make use of the Service for free and for the duration as indicated on the Website.
    2.  Prices and payment details are specified on the Website and/or in the Service. Prices are shown in the currency mentioned on the Website, and are shown exclusive of VAT, import duties and other government imposed taxes, duties and levies.
    3.  Payment can be done by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Amex), and/or as further described on the Website and/or in the Service.
    4.  The User has the obligation to inform Readmore immediately about any inaccuracies in the offer provided or the payment details described, including the price. The User cannot hold Readmore to any offer for the Service if the User should in all reasonableness have known that this offer and/or the price are/is an obvious mistake or obvious error in writing.
    5.  Any payment required by third parties, such as third party software or service providers, licenses, equipment and other services will fall outside the scope of the Agreement and will be charged to User separately by the concerning party or by Readmore.
    6.  User will pay the amounts in accordance with the payment conditions stated by Readmore.
    7.  Invoiced amounts are due and payable within thirty (30) days after the invoice date.
    8.  If an amount due is not paid within the payment term, statutory interest will be due in respect of the outstanding invoice without requiring further notice of default. In the event payment is not made on time, User is obliged to fully compensate both the judicial and extrajudicial collection costs, including lawyer’s and bailiff’s fees and the costs of collection agencies, in addition to the amount that is owed and the interest due in respect thereof.
    9.  If User does not pay the fees on time, Readmore will have the right, after it has issued a warning, to limit the use of the Service and, after a renewed warning, to fully block the use of the Service until the amounts have been paid.
    10.  A claim for payment becomes immediately due and payable in the event User is declared bankrupt, applies for a suspension of payment, all or part of its assets are attached or is liquidated.


    1.  Readmore and/or its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted to the User in these Terms and Conditions. The User acknowledges and agrees that – except as specifically set forth in these Terms and Conditions – Readmore and its licensors retain all rights, title and interest, including the Intellectual Property Rights, in and to the Service and the Website as well as to any modifications, adaptations or translations thereof. The User acknowledges and agrees that it does not acquire any rights therein, express or implied, except for the rights expressly granted under these Terms and Conditions. The Service is licensed, not sold.
    2.  The Intellectual Property Rights vested in the Works that are designed in conformity with User’s requirements (i.e. custom-built Works), can upon request of the User and in accordance with statutory provisions, be transferred to the User. User solely acquires the Intellectual Property Rights of Works specifically developed and designed for User. Readmore and/or its licensors shall remain the sole owner of the Intellectual Property Rights in any underlying Services.
    3.  The User is not permitted to sell, rent out, transfer or grant restrictive rights to the Service, or make it available to third parties in any way or for any purpose not explicitly mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. The User will also refrain from granting third parties access – remotely or otherwise – to the Service or to provide the Service to a third party, not explicitly provided for in these Terms and Conditions.
    4.  The User is explicitly not allowed to download, copy, amend, make available, or provide otherwise (parts of) the Service, Website or other materials made available to the User by means of the Service, for direct or indirect commercial purposes or for any other purposes than the purposes mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, unless Readmore has provided its prior written consent thereto, or if a mandatory or peremptory rule of law states otherwise.
    5.  The User is prohibited to reverse engineer (parts of) the Service, Website, or other materials made available to the User by means of the Service, to the extent legally permissible. In the event of reverse engineering permitted by a mandatory or peremptory rule of law, such as for achieving compatibility with self-written software or enabling to get the ideas, concepts and principles behind the Service, Website, the App or other materials made available to the User by means of the Service, the User is only allowed to execute this legal right, after first requesting Readmore to provide the necessary information to achieve such interoperability and Readmore fails to provide such information within reasonable time.
    6.  Readmore will be permitted to install technical provisions for the purpose of protecting the Service and Website in relation to an agreed restriction on the Content or the term of the right to use thereof. User is not allowed to remove or circumvent such technical provisions.
    7.  Readmore’s obligation to provide the Service, if any, and the User’s right of use thereof will only extend to the object code of the Service. Under no circumstance will User obtain any right, and under no circumstance will Readmore be obliged to provide (a data carrier with) the source code or any preliminary materials of the provided Service.
    8.  In the event Readmore provides third party software or services, the (license) terms and conditions of that third party may be applicable to any use of such software or services; User guarantees that it will accept and will comply with these third party’s terms and conditions. Readmore is no party to such an agreement.
    9.  The User will retain all the rights, title and interest, if any, including the Intellectual Property Rights, to the Content. However, all the rights to the programming code, content management system and Service will remain to Readmore.
    10.  The User agrees and acknowledges that by providing any Content by means of the Service it automatically grants Readmore a royalty-free, unencumbered, world-wide, non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, circulate and make public the Content in connection with the Service and to use the Content on the Website.

Article 11. PRIVACY

  1.  Unless a data processor’s agreement is concluded between Readmore and User, the following provisions shall apply in order to ensure an appropriate level of security for the Service and any (personal) data processed therein.
  2.  The Service can be used to store data. The data stored or processed by (End) Users via the Service may include personal data. In such case User acts as controller and Readmore as a processor. Readmore does not claim ownership in User data.
  3.  Readmore has the right to perform statistical analyses of how the Service is used by its (End) Users, but only in aggregate form and without applying profiles or registrations of individual users.
  4.  The Parties will treat as confidential the information they provide to each other before, during or after the performance of the Agreement if this information has been marked as confidential or if the receiving party knows or should reasonably assume that this information was intended to be confidential. The Parties also impose this obligation on their employees and on the third parties engaged by them for the performance of the Agreement. These provisions continue to apply after the Agreement ends for any reason whatsoever and for as long as the providing Party has the right to invoke the confidential nature of the information.
  5.  Readmore reserves the right at all times to use the knowledge obtained in the performance of the Agreement for other Users to the extent this does not involve confidential information of User.
  6.  Readmore will not take note of data stored and/or disseminated by User via the Service, unless necessary for the proper performance of the Service or if Readmore is obliged to do so pursuant to a statutory provision or court order. In such cases, Readmore will endeavor to minimize the amount of data it takes note of and not use it for any other purpose than mentioned above.
  7.  Readmore shall implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent loss or unlawful processing of (personal) data processed via the Service. Readmore has implemented the following categories of security measures:
  8.  Logical access control
  9.  Automatic logging of all acts involving personal data
  10.  Physical access protection measures
  11.  Encryption of digital files containing personal data
  12.  Organizational access protection measures
  13.  Random checks on compliance with the policy
  14.  Securing network connections via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  15.  A secured internal network
  16.  Purpose-specific access restrictions


    1.  Readmore will make efforts to realize the uninterrupted availability of its systems, network and Service, but offers no guarantees and accepts no liability in this regard, unless otherwise agreed in the Agreement by means of an SLA. The provisions of this article apply to availability and maintenance, to the extent not otherwise provided for in such an SLA.
    2.  If Readmore considers that there is a danger to the functioning of its systems, network or Services, Readmore will have the right to implement all measures it considers reasonably necessary to avert or prevent this danger.
    3.  Readmore has the right to temporarily take its systems, Services, networks or parts thereof out of operation for the purpose of maintenance, adjustment or improvement. Readmore will attempt to let such taking out of service take place as much as possible outside working hours and it will endeavor to notify the User in due time of the scheduled taking out of service. However, Readmore is in no case liable to compensate any damage arising in connection with such a closure.
    4.  The Intellectual Property Rights concerning custom modifications continues to vest in Readmore.

Article 13.LIABILITY

    1.  The liability of Readmore for direct damage incurred by the User due to a culpable failure on the part of Readmore to comply with its obligation under the Agreement, or due to an unlawful act committed by Readmore, its employees or third parties engaged by it, is limited per damage-causing incident, whereby a series of connected incidents count as a single incident, to an amount equal paid by User under the Agreement in the three (3) Months prior to the damage-causing incident. However, in no case will the total compensation for direct damage exceed EUR 500 .
    2.  The liability of Readmore for indirect damage, including consequential loss, loss of earnings, missed economies, loss of (business) data and damage due to business stagnation is excluded.
    3.  Except for the cases referred to in article 10.1, Readmore bears no liability whatsoever for damages, regardless of the grounds on which the claim for damages is based. The liability limitations referred to in article 10.1 will however lapse if and insofar as the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Readmore.
    4.  The obligation for Readmore to pay compensation will only arise if the User sends written notice to Readmore of this damage within fourteen (14) days of the damage occurring.
    5.  The User indemnifies Readmore against all third party claims for compensation for damage, costs or interest relating to the Agreement and/or the Service.
    6.  The application of article 6:271 of the Dutch Civil Code is excluded.
    7.  In case of force majeure as specified in article 11 of these Terms and Conditions, Readmore is never required to compensate damages suffered by User.


    1.  Readmore shall have no liability to User under the Agreement if it is prevented from or delayed in performing its obligations under this Agreement, or from carrying on its business, by acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, cybercrime, (distributed) denial of service attacks, failure of a utility service or transport or telecommunications network, war, riot, fire, flood, storm or unforeseeable default of suppliers or sub-Users, provided that the User is notified of such an event and its expected duration.

Article 15. WARRANTIES

  1.  Readmore represents and warrants that:
  2.  it has full right to enter into the Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder, without violating any agreement it has with a third party;
  3.  to the best of its knowledge, the Service does not infringe upon any Intellectual Property Rights of third parties;
  4.  to the best of its knowledge, the Service is free from viruses, “Trojan horses” or other malicious code;
  5.  Readmore shall indemnify and hold harmless User from and against all claims, damages or losses resulting from Readmore’s breach of its warranties above. A condition for this indemnification is that User notifies Readmore immediately upon receiving an allegation of a breach and allows Readmore to resolve the claim at its discretion.
  6.  User represents and warrants that:
  1.  it has full right to enter into the Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder, without violating any agreement it has with a third party;
  2.  it shall not breach the terms of the Agreement;
  3.  it or its End Users shall not use the Service in violation of anyone’s legal right, in violations of the terms of the Agreement, or in violation of applicable law, and any legal requirements that may apply to certain services rendered using the Service, such as legal services, financial services or other specific kinds of services, will at all times be complied with;
    1.  User shall indemnify and hold harmless Readmore from and against all claims, damages or losses resulting from Readmore’s breach of its warranties above.


    1.  The Agreement is entered into for the (subscription) period stated on the Website or as stated on the offer and / or Agreement (hereinafter: the contract period). If the contract period is not stipulated, it shall be deemed to have been entered into for a contract period of 12 Months from the date on which the Service was activated by Readmore as agreed. Unless agreed to the contrary, the Agreement, in the absence of termination in writing reaching the other party at least two Months before the end of the contract period, shall always be tacitly extended by the same contract period. User shall receive (electronic) confirmation of the beginning of the contract period.
    2.  If User entered into the Agreement as a consumer, User may after the first silent renewal terminate the Agreement at any time with a notice period of one Month, calculated from the moment of the notice.
    3.  Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, neither Party may unilaterally terminate this Agreement before its minimum term has expired, unless for cause, in the following circumstances:
    4.  upon the other Party’s material breach of the applicable part and, in case of a remediable breach, if the other Party fails to cure such breach within thirty (30) days after receipt of written formal notice specifying the breach;
    5.  the other Party has applied for or received, whether provisional or not, a moratorium, or
    6.  upon the other Party ceasing to conduct business other than for reconstruction or amalgamation while solvent, or becoming or being declared by a bankruptcy court to be insolvent or bankrupt.
    7.  All obligations of the Parties that accrued prior to termination of the Agreement shall survive termination of the Agreement.


  1.  Parties shall refrain from disclosing or using for any other purpose than within the scope of the Agreement, any trade secrets and other information of the other Party that has been designated as confidential or the confidential nature of which is known or can reasonably be deemed to be known by the other Party.
  2.  Parties accept the duty to observe strict secrecy towards third parties with respect to all that has been arranged for in the Agreement. In addition, the Parties accept the duty to observe strict secrecy with respect to all information regarding the activities and organization of the other Party, except in as far as such information was already part of the public domain without any involvement of the other Party.
  3.  If it may prove to be necessary for the execution of the Agreement that a Party discloses any commercial or organizational information of the other Party, this shall only be done after consultation with, and with the permission of, the other Party.
  4.  Information on Users, prospective Users and opportunities is considered confidential information within the meaning of paragraph 1 of this article.
  5.  After termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, the Parties shall erase all confidential information or return it to its owner.


    1.  Readmore reserves the right unilaterally to alter or supplement the Services, these Terms and Conditions and SLAs, even with respect to existing Agreements. Contractual changes shall also apply to Agreements already in effect after a period of 30 days after disclosure of the change on the Website or by electronic message. Changes of subsidiary importance can be made at any time.
    2.  Readmore has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party that takes over the Service or the relevant business activity from it.


  1.  These Terms and Conditions (and the orders resulting from it) shall be governed by Dutch law, excluding any conflict of law provisions contained in Dutch law.
  2.  To the extent not otherwise provided for in mandatory law, all disputes related to the Service, the Agreement or these Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in the jurisdiction where Readmore has its registered office.
  3.  If a provision in these Terms and Conditions prescribes that a notification must be performed ‘in writing’, this requirement will also be satisfied if the notification is made by e-mail or communicated via the Service, provided it is sufficiently established that the message was actually sent by the alleged sender and that the integrity of the message has not been prejudiced.
  4.  The version of any communication of information as recorded by Readmore shall be deemed to be authentic, unless User supplies proof to the contrary.
  5.  These Terms and Conditions supersedes any and all prior written or oral agreements and / or arrangements between the Parties on the same subject.
  6.  The User guarantees that all information submitted when using the Service, including without limitation, its payment and address details, shall be complete, correct, truthful and up to date. User is also responsible for the authenticity of documents submitted.
  7.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions will be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision, it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision will be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.