Internal Publications For Corporate Communications

Create and distribute any type of corporate publications—
without any effort.

Easily create and publish your content.

Create And Share

With it’s easy to create reports, newsletters, magazines and other documents–
and it’s even easier to distribute them to your clients, customers and employees.

Engage your audience

Connect with your colleagues by providing
up-to-date content in an engaging format.
Push notifications increase
the readership of your publications.

Understand Your Readers

Data Analytics allows you to understand
what your clients, customers
and employees are reading.
So you know what’s working and what’s not.


Save Time With The Readmore Editor

  • Readmore provides customized templates made especially for your business needs.  So you no longer have to spend time on repetitive design tasks and can focus on delivering high-quality content to your audience.
  • Populating your professional templates is easy.   With our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor no design background is required to create beautiful content.  It’s so easy, anyone on the team can do it!
Publication Cloud Editor
Connect Your Databases can be connected to all major infrastructures. Easily connect your spreadsheets, CRM, ERP or database to your publications.

Automate Your Updates lets you create rich, multi-touch publications that plug in with your existing ERP, CRM and other systems.  This allows updates to replicate automatically across all platforms.

Publish to Enterprise Apps

  • Easy Distribution: Content can be distributed across all platforms—company website, intranet and app—with just one click.
  • Easy Access: Apps provide a centralized location for all corporate material that is just one click away.
  • Push notifications: Increase the readership of content by sending push notifications to employees.
  • Available on-the-go: A significant percentage of people now access material via their phones while on the go.   Our apps allow you to download publications so employees can access it anytime, anywhere.
Magazine App
Easy Magazine Publishing

Advanced analytics

Readmore powers tens of thousands of publications each month. This allows us to gather more analytics and gives us a unique capability. These analytics go beyond basic usage numbers, giving you insights into demographics, geographics, your employees’ interests and more.

Immersive experiences. Unlimited flexibility.



Your app will work directly together with your InDesign installation, so there’s no need to change your workflow. Simply install Readmore’s InDesign plugin and you’re all set.



Using Readmore’s own editor you can easily design new content, in addition to your existing content. Without having to use complicated programs.


PDF Magazine

Simply upload your existing PDFs and turn them into an immersive app experiences. Inclusing multi-touch gestures and rich media content.



Difficult to adjust content quickly

Not possible to measure ROI


Turnkey Solution

Cost effective

Saved companies up to 30% of their publishing costs

Adjust content and publish within hours

Material is always up-to-date

Connect To Your Databases

Track ROI, measure engagement and more

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